Detroit Chapter Bylaws

Revised 2017


The name of this organization shall be the Detroit Chapter of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association, hereafter called the “Chapter”.

ARTICLE II – Recognition

The Chapter is recognized by the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association, hereafter called the “Association”.

ARTICLE III – Objectives

The objectives of the Chapter shall be to support the objectives of the Association and in particular (1) to perpetuate the traditions and ideals of the U.S. Naval Academy; (2) to foster and encourage interest in the U.S. Naval Academy; (3) to enhance the prestige of the U.S. Naval Academy and its alumni and (4) to encourage social and fraternal fellowship among the alumni.

ARTICLE IV – Membership

Section 1,

All members of the Association residing within a geographical area, defined by the Executive Committee, subject to approval by the Association, shall be eligible for regular membership and shall be accorded the rights and privileges of regular membership unless a member requests in writing that he be removed from the rolls of the Chapter

Section 2,

Anyone eligible to become a member of the USNA AA may become an associate Member of the Chapter under rules and conditions prescribed by the Executive Committee.

Section 3,

Anyone otherwise eligible for Membership under Sections 1 asd 2, who reside outside the defined geographical area, may be enrolled as a Member of the Chapter upon written request, subject to rules and conditions prescribed by the Executive Committee and limitations imposed by the National Alumni Association.

ARTICLE V – Management

Section 1,

Executive Committee

The business property and funds of the Chapter shall be managed and controlled by an Executive Committee composed of officers.

Section 2,


The officers of the Chapter shall be a President, a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Webmaster. The term of office shall be from July 1 to June 30 for a 2 year period.

Section 3,

Duties of Officers

  • The President shall:

-Preside at all Chapter meetings, and at meetings of the Executive Committee.

-Assume generally the responsibility for the success of each activity and project the local association undertakes.

-Appoint nominating and any special committees that may be required.

-Perform such other duties as required by the By-Laws.

  • The Vice –President shall:

-Perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President in accordance with Article V

-In general, assist the President in the fulfillment of his duties.

  • The Secretary shall;

-Record the minutes of all Chapter meetings.

-Maintain official custody of the alumni list for the defined area.

-Present or cause to be presented to the Executive Committee any resolutions required for the execution of these By-Laws and perform any other duties designated for the Secretary by Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) except where inconsistent with these By-Laws or Executive committee direction.

  • The Treasurer shall;

-Receive all gifts, dues, fees and other funds or the Chapter and expend them, invest them or deposit them for safekeeping as directed by the Executive Committee.

-Prepare and present for audit a statement of receipts and expenditures at the end of each year and at any other time required by the Executive Committee.

-Prepare a budget of the succeeding fiscal year for approval by the Executive Committee.

-Receive donations for meeting the objectives and for the administration expenses of the Chapter.  A permanent record shall be kept of all such donations

-Receive any fees, dues or other funds as approved by the Executive Committee.

-Deposit all funds for safekeeping and invest or disburse them as directed by the Executive Committee.

Section 4,


The names of candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be prepared by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall make its recommendations to the Executive Committee not later than March 1 so that elections can be completed before June 1. Balloting shall be accomplished by mail or email with space for “write-in” candidates.

The Secretary shall be responsible for executing the balloting. Elections will be a majority vote of members returning written ballots.  Each regular member will be entitled on one vote. No proxies will be allowed. 

Section 5

Succession and continuity

In the event that the President cannot fulfill his term of office, the Vice-President shall serve as President until the next regular election.

The Executive Committee shall fill any vacancies that occur in its membership except the President from eligible members of the Chapter to serve until the next regular election.

Section 6

Rules of Order

The meetings of the Executive Committee and Chapter shall be conducted in accordance with the rules contained in “Roberts Rules of Order Revised” except where inconsistent with these By-Laws.

ARTICLE VI – Meetings

Section 1.


The Chapter shall meet once each quarter. Other meetings may be called by the President.

Section 2.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once each quarter or on the call of the President.

Section 3.


Guests may be invited to meetings.


The Executive Committee is authorized to accept donations for purposes within the objectives of the Chapter. A permanent record of all such donations shall be maintained.

The Executive Committee shall review annually the state of the Chapter, and if the circumstances warrant, forward an appropriate part of the surplus funds to the USNA AA as a chapter contribution.

The Officers, the Executive Committee, or the Chapter, shall not obligate the Chapter to make any expenditure or expenditures in excess of the funds available in the Chapter’s treasury.

The Executive Committee may establish dues not to exceed $20.00 per year, should the circumstances warrant.

The Audit Committee shall conduct an audit of the Chapter’s accounts at the end of each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30), or at such time as directed by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VIII – Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of this Chapter, funds in the treasury, after all obligations are paid, shall be transferred to the Treasurer of the Association.

ARTICLE IX – Amendment and Approval

These By-Laws shall be in effect when approved by two-thirds of those members voting in an e-mail ballot.

An amendment to these By-Laws may be proposed by any member at a meeting of the Chapter or of the Executive Committee. If the proposal is approved by a majority of those present and voting at a Chapter meeting or by the Executive Committee, the President shall appoint a By-Laws Committee to draft an Amendment.  Upon approval of the Executive Committee, the Secretary shall include the proposed Amendment on the ballot for the next election of officers.  If approved by two-thirds of those voting, the Amendment shall be in effect at the start of the new fiscal year.